Ahmed Zahran


I am Ahmed Zahran, I live in Orange County, California, a place I've called home since moving from Egypt many years ago.

My journey to the U.S. began as a college student, during which I explored various states including New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California. It was during that summer trip that I fell in love with California's weather, nature, and the variety of outdoor options that it has. The Golden State's abundant natural beauty resonated with our family's love for outdoor adventures,.

This picture is from our last trip to Sequoia, the nature was just unbelievable. Up there at 7000 feet, you've got rivers and little waterfalls, and the water's so clean you can drink it right there (I tried it, and I was fine!).

However, with all what has been changing in California, I have been contemplating a potential move to the Sunshine State - Florida. Only time will tell..

My little one, during his last visit to Egypt, gazed curiously at that grand building on the horizon. Wondering what could that be..! I am sure it took too many years to get all the necessary permits and approvals to start that project..!  

It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children the value of exploration and the courage to embrace new experiences.

In a world rich with diversity and opportunities, one of the greatest gifts we can offer our children is a variety of life experiences that broaden their horizons. It's about showing them how to appreciate what they have, while also learning from every person they meet and every place they visit. Life is an endless journey of learning, and as parents, our role is to be their guides, encouraging them to question, to wonder, and to discover.

My professional evolution from mechanical engineer to software engineer to serial entrepreneur has taking me places. Through startups like the dental software, nursing home medication dispensing app, construction analytics platform, and the conference app, I have cultivated a passion for innovating from the ground up. Each venture has imparted lessons about the dedication, grit and vision required to transform ideas into real useful products. I have also led large teams to build complex health information systems, overseeing the design and development of several supporting systems for inventory management, accounting, electronic prescription networks, electronic billing,  clinical and financial reporting, business intelligence and analytics.

Today, I leverage decades of technical knowledge and business savvy to help others achieve their goals. By offering comprehensive consulting for small businesses, I can pay forward the wisdom that has made my own journey so rich and fulfilling. Whether untangling operational bottlenecks, providing technical uplift, or building exit strategies, my specialty is clearing the path and map the way.

And some more family pictures..